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Tadano Launches A New Line Of Rough Terrain Cranes For The European Market

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By: P&E Staff
Post Date: April 15, 2021

Tadano Launches A New Line Of Rough Terrain Cranes For The European Market

Tadano expands its crane offering in Europe by launching three new rough terrain crane models, giving lifting contractors solutions to meet more diverse application needs. The versatile new Tadano GR-700EX-4, GR-900EX-4 and GR-1000EX-4 feature long boom designs with high lift capacities reaching 70, 90 and 100 tonnes respectively. Their compact design includes a low overall height to improve transport ease. Flexibly working on both paved and rough, unpaved terrain, these cranes are the right choice for congested construction sites, maintenance work, industrial, energy and crane rigging assist applications.

These new Tadano rough terrain cranes boast round tubular boom construction to increase rigidity and deliver fast boom extension. They offer two synchronized telescoping system options that shorten extension time to maximum boom length to under three minutes for all three cranes. Their 2-stage, bi-fold lattice jib increases lifting flexibility by extending boom length by 10.1 or 17.7 m and offering offset positions of 3.5˚, 25˚ or 45˚ from the main boom centerline. Assist cylinders provide fast and simple jib installation, and it conveniently stows along the base boom section when not in use.

Efficient operation

All models are equipped with the Tadano View System, which combines cameras and sonar to support the crane operator during handling. Right front and rearview cameras help to increase work area visibility for the operator while driving. The operator conveniently monitors wire rope winding from inside the cab with the new standard winch drum monitoring camera. Integrated into the frame for protection, the rear “Clearance Sonar” can detect obstacles behind the crane and provides audible and visual alerts when an object is detected.

Camera feed are displayed on the new large 264-mm Multi-Function Display touchscreen, which can display lift charts, crane configuration and operating settings. "Clearance Sonar" alerts are displayed on a dedicated display which sits on top of the Multi-Function Display. The pressure-sensitive screen allows operators to quickly navigate through menus and change settings, even while wearing gloves. The reconfigured instrument panel puts all controls within easy reach to advance ergonomic operation, while a lower panel height improves visibility to the front of the crane.

To maximize full lifting potential, the new crane line features Tadano’s Smart Chart control system technology that evolved from 30 years of field application of asymmetric outrigger control systems. Whether working with asymmetric or fully extended outrigger positioning, this Tadano system expands the working area from a standard circular cone to a square pyramid. On congested jobsites where outriggers cannot be fully extended, Smart Chart adapts lift capacity, based on boom and outrigger positioning, in a comfortable work environment.

Both the new 90-tonne GR-900EX-4 and 100-tonne GR-1000EX-4 feature Tadano’s exclusive Smart Counterweight system to increase crane flexibility and lifting performance. Front and rear counterweight position options allow the crane to be rigged for either a compact tail swing radius or higher lifting capacity. The new system increases crane lift capacity by up to 22% and all “Smart” lift charts are visible on the in-cab display. Self-rigging capability of the counterweights reduce crane set-up time at the jobsite.

Comfortable cab, high performance

Entry into the re-designed cab has been simplified with a new three-step, angled extension ladder and door design that aligns with the steps. The crane’s new catwalk on the cab permits entry at any slewing angle. A 20 degree tilting function aids in reducing operator fatigue when working longer shifts. An improved HVAC system helps to keep operators cool during the heat of the summer and warm during the winter, while longer front and roof window wiper blades help to improve visibility when working in inclement weather.

The new crane series electronically controlled, fully automatic transmission offers six forward speeds – three high/low – and two reverse speeds to meet underfoot driving conditions. Four-wheel drive in both forward and reverse allows these cranes to navigate rough, hilly terrain with ease. The cranes offer a maximum 18 km/h forward travel speed to quickly navigate around the jobsite.

Helping to advance fleet management efficiency, the new Tadano rough terrain crane line is standard equipped with HELLO-NET telematics service. Critical operating functions such as crane operation status, location, configuration and maintenance information are captured and securely accessed from anywhere an internet connection is available. Tadano’s smartphone app, HELLO-DATA LINK, connects the crane to mobile devices for convenient access to real-time crane data.

While offering powerful performance, the crane line’s newly developed pump disconnect feature automatically stops the crane’s hydraulic pump after idling for a set period to reduce fuel consumption. Standard Fuel Monitoring System, Eco-Mode and Positive Control help to further improve fuel consumption, reduce CO2 emissions and operating noise to advance environmentally friendly operation.

Tadano Launches A New Line Of Rough Terrain Cranes For The European Market

GR-700EX-4 – integrated counterweight, long boom

With its 4.35-tonne counterweight package integrated into the upper carriage, the new GR-700EX-4 is quickly ready for work and features a compact tail swing to work in tight spaces. It offers a 70-tonne lift capacity at a 3-m radius and a 47-m boom length that leads the capacity class. The crane quickly extends to a 35-m boom length in 142 seconds. The GR-700EX-4 is powered by a Stage V-compliant 209 kW engine that offers maximum torque of 1,152 Nm.

GR-900EX-4 – flexible Smart Counterweight

The 90-tonne class GR-900EX-4 comes with 9.1 tonnes of counterweight that is quickly self-rigged by the crane. With its unique, two-position Smart Counterweight system, the GR-900EX-4 offers a 1-tonne lift capacity at a 40-m radius with the counterweight in the forward position and 1.2-tonne capacity at a 40-m radius in the rear position. The 47-m maximum boom quickly deploys with synchronized boom extension of the third, fourth and fifth sections to a 35-m length in 155 seconds. The six-cylinder Stage V-compliant 209 kW engine powers the new crane with maximum 1,152 Nm of torque.

GR-1000EX-4 – longest boom length in its class

With its class leading 51-m maximum boom length, the new Tadano GR-1000EX-4 features a synchronized telescopic boom system to extend to maximum boom length in just 170 seconds. Its two-position Smart Counterweight system increases crane lift capacity at a 42-m radius from 0.9-tonne in the forward position to 1.1-tonne at the rear position when equipped with its full 11.2 tonnes of counterweight. Even though it’s the largest rough terrain crane in the line, the GR-1000EX-4 features an overall height of just under 3,805 mm to simplify transportation. The same Stage V-compliant engine powers all cranes in the line to lower parts stocking needs for contractors with multiple Tadano rough terrain cranes in their fleet.


By: P&E Staff
Post Date: April 15, 2021


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