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The All New JCB Fastrac 8330

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By: P&E Staff
Post Date: March 01, 2021

The All New JCB Fastrac 8330 Y

The latest enhancements to the Fastrac 8330 ensure it is the largest and most powerful JCB tractor yet. Faster, more comfortable, extremely versatile and fitted with more safety features than any other tractor in its class, the Fastrac 8330 guarantees operators can get more done in a day than ever before.

Providing greater speed, comfort, productivity, safety and versatility the Fastrac 8330 makes a big difference to any operator. With faster road and in-field speeds plus unique all-round suspension, the Fastrac 8330 is a great solution for any farming operation. Featuring a top speed of 70kph the Fastrac 8330 also has more safety features than any other tractor.

The Fastrac 8330’s engine combines the best powertrain and suspension systems to deliver the ultimate in power, torque and traction making the difference in any situation. The performance-proven 8.4-litre, six-cylinder engine delivers up to 348HP with twin turbocharger installation giving sharp responses and high torque ratings across a wide range of engine speeds. The CVT transmission with improved cruise control functions also ensures optimum use of power and torque.

When on the road, the Fastrac 8330’s steering is precise and well weighted, providing the ultimate control when travelling at 70kph. The addition of the Rapid Steer option reduces the lock-to-lock turn of the steering wheel by 50% and makes headland and other field manoeuvres quick and easy. There is also the option to include a road performance package which provides further traction control and a hill hold feature, unique to JCB.

Another exceptional feature of the Fastrac 8330 is its external brakes, fitted to both axles it allows the tractor to consistently stop up to 15% quicker than other conventional tractors. While the hydrostatic dual steering system significantly reduces operator effort whilst meeting the exceptional safety standards for high-speed tractors (>60kph). The advanced anti-lock system (ABS) retains stability and steering while optimising braking performance on the road, along dirt tracks and in the field.

As an added safety feature the Fastrac’s fail-safe set-up ensures the brakes are applied in the event of a loss of pressure. A transmission disc park brake holds the tractor securely and applies air brakes on a trailer, tanker or spreader.

The Fastrac 8330’s advanced suspension quickly responds to changing loads applied by front and rear mounted implements helping to distribute the load evenly across the machine. With near 50:50 weight distribution the traction benefits from suspension on both axles and is ideal for heavy draft work. Rough terrain is also no deterrent to Fastrac operators with the all-round suspension and a high-spec air seat ensuring a smooth ride for baling, spreading and spraying operations. Ensuring operators are comfortable is paramount to ensuring maximum productivity throughout the day. The heavy-duty axles can also be used at 3m track width for controlled traffic and row crop applications.

The purpose-designed chassis makes the difference when it comes to greater implement mounting versatility. While the powerful hydraulics meet the demand of implements through 5 rear double acting electric spool valves and a Power Beyond hydraulic connection.

The Fastrac’s powerful Category III rear hitch lifts a genuine 10,000kg to handle large capacity 3PL spreaders, ploughs, cultivators and mounted drills. Sensitive electronic draft control helps the Fastrac 8000 maintain traction under heavy load. For added productivity operators can also use the optional Category 3N front hitch with 3500kg capacity, external lift/lower control and optional power & lighting sockets.

The optional rear deck mounted 900kg or 1,600kg ballast weights provide additional traction. This load is suspended, providing additional comfort over wheel weight systems. The rear deck weights are also quick and easy to fit/remove, encouraging correct and efficient use of ballast.

The in-cab technology featured in the Fastrac 8330 delivers high levels of tractor and implement control through a simple, easy to use interface. Showcasing large icons, it features an easy to use touch screen terminal with intuitive navigation that allows operators to easily adjust functions and settings to suit the desired requirements. Operators can also create and save up to 5 sequences each with up to 15 steps in the Headland Turn Assist section to minimise control workload at the end of each run across a field. 4 configurable joystick buttons can also be assigned a wide range of functionality. Factory fit GPS solutions are available as well as compatibility with a wide range of 3rd party systems. For spraying and spreading applications, the Fastrac can minimise overlap at speeds of up to 40km/h.


By: P&E Staff
Post Date: March 01, 2021


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