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The New A Series From Hyundai

By: P&E Staff
Post Date: June 30, 2021

The New A Series From Hyundai

Top Gear, a popular car review show from BBC, tests and reviews cars in all kinds of extreme conditions. Automakers whose vehicle appears on this show consider it an honor even if test results are bad.

On April 29, 2021 Stig, a key cast member in Top Gear, appeared in front of the shipping center of HCE Ulsan plant, drawing huge attention. There, Stig introduced HCE’s new A series and its key customer values. Stig drove and worked with the new A Series in a rough construction site and verified its enhanced engine power, work performance and fuel efficiency. He introduced the exterior of the equipment, devices, cabin interior and engine hood of the A Series using large motions. The video turned into a spectacular video introduction of the new A Series when combined with graphics, subtitles and voice acting.

Proving the powerful customer value of the new A Series by employing the Top Gear format, making customers leaders in construction sites

As mentioned earlier, this A Series model launch video borrowed the Top Gear style, a car TV show.

You might be wondering what HCE would have to do with Top Gear. Those who have watched the show are familiar with Top Gear as an extreme show. They test how well an expensive sedan would withstand off-road and conduct an extreme performance test where a car competes against a combat helicopter for speed. Construction equipment like excavators and wheel loaders must operate in harsh environments, including unstable natural environments in mountains or mines, very hot and humid environments like Africa, or extremely cold conditions like the North or South Pole. We connected with Top Gear and chose it as the conceptual inspiration for the A Series PR video.

Seong-rok Jo, a director of this video from Oh! Brothers, said, “The purpose of the video was to introduce the new HCE A Series. We wanted to emphasize its key features, so we borrowed the Top Gear format and filmed the video. We can’t drive on rough roads like they do on Top Gear, but we wanted to present the construction equipment in a fast-paced video that is also fun to watch. In the video, we cast an actor in Stig's costume and voice actor Jin-pyo Kim, who sounds similar to the voice of Top Gear.”

Jung-ho Jo, deputy general manager of Domestic sales, appeared in the video dressed as Stig. Jo said, “We borrowed the style of Top Gear and tried to showcase Hyundai’s unique characteristics in the video. We highlighted the young, dynamic image of HCE as the leader of construction technologies.”

Online communication with customers in a non-face-to-face era

The A Series launching event was held on June 4, 2021 at HCE Global Technology Innovation Center in Yongin. HCE invited a small number of stakeholders and customers to this event, which was live streamed on YouTube for many more customers to watch.

The video of excavators and wheel loaders positioned the A Series model as a high-end model, conveying a memorable brand story. The video presentation was followed by a product briefing by Managing director Jung-hwan Park and a Q&A session for participants to get detailed explanations on the series.

Participants were then invited to a tour of the Reliability Assessment Center at the Global Technology Innovation Center where all HCE products from parts to finished products undergo rigorous research. They could also test drive the equipment at an outdoor test site.

The A Series launching event was an important opportunity to experience the improved customer value HCE delivers. Afterwards, videos with detailed explanations on each product were uploaded on YouTube for anyone to see.

The online launching event in the current non-face-to-face era allowed participants to check out the new HCE products along with a differentiated explanation on customer values. The general public was also invited to make direct inquiries by uploading replies on the video.

The New A Series From Hyundai

Hyundai A Series to propel the new future

The A Series is a strategic model series designed for the Korean market that consists of nine excavators and three wheel loaders. Just by looking at its design, you can see that it is completely different from the previous model. The color of the boom and the arm has been changed to green-gray to give a more robust image.

As to HW60A, the engine output is up 17%, and acceleration on slopes and leveling speed can be done faster than any other model of the same class. HX60AMT features a proportional control lever that enables precise control when working. HX300A, an excavator model, boasts the highest productivity and fuel efficiency. IPC or Intelligent Power Control System, a unique feature not found in existing excavators, is applied to reduce energy loss and improve fuel efficiency. HX300A can overcome any adverse conditions with reinforced upper and lower frames and a cooling module with enhanced durability.

HW145+ delivers technology beyond customers’ expectations. The augmented upper and lower frames and the front outrigger, the bucket with improved durability and wear resistance, the high-strength boom/arm with improved durability, the front fender and longer dozer blade all offer power that withstands external shocks and heavy-duty work.

The voice actor in the launch video concluded the product introduction, saying, “The A Series has greater fuel efficiency and improved performance, which is really remarkable. With HW60A, users are able to work more comfortably and enjoy the experience.” He added that the series features enhanced durability to withstand the harsh construction environment. The wider space and the field of vision in the cockpit, soundproof design, and HD rear camera are added as meticulous considerations to reduce the fatigue of the operator. HCE puts emphasis on the customer value of being able to handle equipment comfortably for an extended period of time. We will explore ways to enhance the quality further to deliver improved convenience and safety to enhance customer reliability.

Creating greater customer value by embracing environmentally friendly practices and high efficiency

The Top Gear-style product introduction video and Managing director Park’s keynote presented environmental friendliness and high efficiency, ahead of the times as differentiated customer values ​​of the new A Series model.

With the launch of the new A Series model for the Korean market, HCE will lead the eco-friendly and high-efficiency smart construction equipment market. The A Series complies with the latest regulations for air pollution prevention in the construction industry, which is Stage V in the EU legislation. The A Series will be released a year before the date of enforcement of this legislation in Korea in April of next year. The A Series Cummins Stage V engine enables customers to perform more tasks faster and more efficiently while significantly improving fuel efficiency. Cutting-edge technologies such as 2D MC automatic/semi-automatic leveling, tiltrotator and a radar system featured in the series maximize efficiency.

Jo, deputy general manager of Domestic sales said, “The A Series complies with Stage V emissions regulations and was released about a year ahead of our competitors. The new A Series fulfills all of our customers' demands for the environment and efficiency, and it will develop a string of success stories from our customers.”

Going forward, HCE will develop construction equipment that utilizes hydrogen and electric power sources, expand automatic and semi-automatic excavator lines, develop unmanned remote construction equipment and continue to lead the next-generation smart construction equipment market.

Hyundai Connect: Hyundai ICT technology that links people, machines and the work site

“It takes approximately a year at the earliest and up to 30 months from the planning stage of a product to the mass production stage. An important goal for us when we were planning the A Series was to respond to emissions regulations. It is really fulfilling that we were the first to launch the new high-efficiency construction equipment models that meet Stage V environment regulations reflecting our customers’ voices,” said Woo-jae Yoo, Deputy general manager of the Product planning department at HCE.

A representative from a HCE branch store said, “HCE has been known as a company providing outstanding price competitiveness, but after the release of the new A Series, it will rebrand itself as an innovative creator of customer value.”

The new A Series will offer Hi MATE as an optional feature which has been very well received by customers. This is expected to enhance customer value even further. The A Series Hi MATE monitors equipment location, operation status, failure codes and maintenance status in real time and provides alarms. This allowed many customers to minimize the trouble of machine breakdowns and maintenance during long working hours.

Even amidst the COVID-19 crisis, HCE will communicate with our customers face to face on construction sites where our customers are working, and reflect their detailed needs in our upcoming products to forge a genuine, stronger relationship with customers.

HCE is always striving to develop innovative new models to further enhance customer value. We hope you look forward to seeing our upcoming story of next-generation technological innovations that will continue for the innovation of customer values.

By: P&E Staff
Post Date: June 30, 2021


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