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The New MAN Truck Generation For The Construction Industry And All-Wheel-Drive Use

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By: P&E Staff
Post Date: November 09, 2020

New lions for construction: the new MAN TGL, TGM and TGS for construction and all-wheel drive applications
New lions for construction: the new MAN TGL, TGM and TGS for construction and all-wheel drive applications

MAN Truck & Bus offers state-of-the-art and pioneering technology, particular industry expertise, and ensures its trucks are suitable for all applications with the vehicles from the new MAN Truck Generation for construction and all-wheel-drive use.

  • Customers from the construction and all-wheel-drive segment can benefit from particular MAN industry expertise
  • The new MAN vehicles for the construction industry and all-wheel-drive use feature perfectly designed driver’s workplaces
  • MAN offers the right solutions for meeting all the requirements of the construction industry
  • MAN vehicles for construction and all-wheel-drive applications provide maximum cost-efficiency and optimal vehicle availability

Construction vehicles are used in applications ranging from large-scale building sites, the recycling and disposal sector, right up to delivering construction materials to the end customer directly. High demands are placed on trucks such as tippers, set-down or roll-off skip loaders, trucks with crane bodies, as well as truck mixers and concrete pumps. They have to be efficient and economical on normal roads, be a flexible tool when it comes to loading and unloading, whilst also being robust and tough off road. For this reason, the new MAN Truck Generation is now tailored even better to the individual requirements of the construction and all-wheel-drive segment. Customers also benefit from the particular industry expertise gained by MAN Truck & Bus through 100 years of experience in the commercial vehicle sector.

Excellent operation – ideal driver’s workplace for construction use

Cleaning the tipper after tipping with the shovel, unloading pallets using the loading crane, or installing and operating a concrete pump – the other tasks in addition to driving are a real challenge for drivers in the construction industry. It is therefore all the more important to have a truck which is completely practical and tailored to the needs of the driver; a truck which provides them with the best possible support and makes their job easier. MAN placed particular emphasis on this during the development of the new Truck Generation. This is demonstrated by the new stair-like step unit which, together with the large door opening angle of almost 90 degrees, makes getting in and out of high vehicles that are suitable for off-road driving comfortable and safe. Practical wipe edges keep the cab clean, and the expanded adjustment range for the seat and steering wheel means that drivers of any stature can find a comfortable position.

The new cockpit comes with ergonomic displays of up to 12.3 inches in size, which provide drivers with all the important information quickly and clearly whilst driving. The displays are also available in a fully digital version if required. Visual elements are positioned close to the line of sight to the road, and distract as little as possible from the traffic ahead. In contrast, all of the control elements, for example the new buttons for the all-wheel and lock management, are within direct reach. Drivers can access them from a relaxed seating position without having to take their eyes off the road. The division into two levels means that they are particularly easy to use, and this also results in greater safety for all road users.

Innovative control elements, such as the MAN Smart Select with its intuitive rotary pushbutton control function, enable the driver to use all of the functions of the media and navigation system – from truck-specific route guidance, to the radio and hands-free calls – all with as little distraction as possible. The pioneering design of the driver’s workplace reflects the feedback from over 700 drivers repeatedly collected by the MAN developers using modelling, driving simulation and test track studies throughout the entire development process. The design quality of the driver’s workplace in the new MAN Truck Generation also won over the judges of two renowned design awards, who honoured its user friendliness with a Red Dot in the Red Dot Award 2020 and a Gold award in the German Design Award 2021.

Perfect overview and operation: ergonomic driver's workplace of the new MAN Truck Generation
Perfect overview and operation: ergonomic driver's workplace of the new MAN Truck Generation

The new MAN easy-control control panel in the lower door area is just as practical. Activating the hazard warning system and switching on spotlights or the PTO – these are tasks which are no longer a problem once the driver has got out thanks to the additional control panel, even if the vehicle is particularly high. Tiresome climbing back into the cab is now a thing of the past.

Reliable support from assistance and safety systems

Alongside the comfort and user friendliness of the new cockpit, state-of-the-art assistance and safety systems also support the drivers of TGL, TGM, TGS and TGX vehicles, making their work easier. The most notable here is the second-generation series Emergency Brake Assist (EBA), which, depending on the situation, prevents rear-end collisions entirely or reduces their impact. The Lane Departure Warning system (LDW) provides an acoustic warning when the truck veers out of lane. The distance-regulated cruise control ACC is available for all vehicles of the new truck generation, for TGS and TGX also with Stop and Go function. In situations with limited visibility, camera systems which can be optionally retrofitted are a particularly great help for the driver. Such systems include the VAS (video turn-off system), the Bird View (360-degree all-round visibility aid) and the fully integrated turn assist. The latter is already available for TGS and TGX vehicles, and is being planned for the TGM and TGL. Other optional assistance and safety systems are available depending on the series. These include the steering assistance system ComfortSteering, the Lane Return Assist (LRA), the Lane Change Support (LCS) and the high beam assist. The electronic stability program (ESP) and the integrated ABS for all-wheel-drive vehicles with engageable off-road logic provide added safety when it comes to use in the construction industry. In the TGL, TGM, TGS and TGX, the automatic electronic parking brake ensures safe parking after the engine has been switched off. An optional driver airbag is available for the TGX and TGS.

Solutions in line with use – a portfolio to satisfy all construction and all-wheel-drive customers

When it comes to construction and all-wheel drive trucks, companies require them to be especially suited to the industry. Whilst developing the new Truck Generation, MAN invited 300 international customers to attend workshops to discuss the crucial criteria. The insights were incorporated into the design, so MAN TGL, TGM, TGS and TGX vehicles can now be made even more bespoke for different applications and bodies. The truck is already equipped ex works in such a way that it can be customised for its transportation task quickly and cost effectively, to meet the customer’s aims. The vehicle can be put to use by the customer immediately without the need for subsequent large-scale fixtures or conversions – in line with the MAN guiding principle of “Simplifying Business”.

A strong partner in the construction industry with expert, personal advice

To provide customers from the construction industry with the best possible advice when buying their new MAN vehicle, MAN developed a configurator that uses basic configurations for specific vehicle applications as starting point. Combined with the additional specific requirements from the customer, the sales-rep can create the perfect vehicle for the transport task at hand. With the so-called Integrated Offering, the customer is provided with an integrated transport solution from a single source, along with personal support – including any necessary coordination with the body manufacturer, offers for suitable services such as finance or maintenance contracts, and much more.

A varied range with technology for every construction transport task

With the TGL (7.5 t to 12 t gross train weight), TGM (12 t to 26 t gross train weight), TGS (18 t to 51 t gross train weight) and TGX (18 t to 41 t gross train weight) available in design heights "normal", "medium" and "high" (all-wheel-drive versions), MAN can impress customers with the right truck for any application in the light-duty, medium-duty or heavy-duty construction segments. The four series have different sized cab types which meet different needs. The range includes the narrow short cabs CC for the TGL and TGM and NN for the TGS for classic daytime operations, but also the long FN and FM cabs with couchette or up to two beds for longer tours. The wide GN, GM and GX cabs of the MAN TGX offer even more space if required. For transporting up to seven people to a construction site or place of work, the DN crew cab is also available for the TGL and TGM.

The new MAN TGS as 8x4 three-way tipper
The new MAN TGS as 8x4 three-way tipper

No matter whether a tipper, a vehicle with a crane body or a truck mixer is to be constructed, the chassis of the new MAN Truck Generation can master any task. It comes with a wide range of wheelbases, can be adapted to bespoke requirements, and the upper edge of the frame is level all the way along, making the work of the body manufacturer easier. Customers can choose from a comprehensive range of wheel and drive configurations, and benefit from MAN’s particular all-wheel expertise. There is a wide variety of traction aids that can be used depending on the intended purpose of the truck and model: the engageable MAN HydroDrive (TGX and TGS) hydrostatic front-axle drive for occasional increased traction requirements, the engageable mechanical all-wheel drive (TGS and TGM) for longer journeys with increased traction requirements, or the permanent all-wheel drive (TGS and TGM) for frequent increased traction requirements.

MAN offers various axles and axle systems which are particularly robust or specially optimised for the payload, depending on the model. In addition to this, different suspension variants, for example the construction air suspension system, ensure the utmost driving comfort in every load state, even on rough terrain where ground clearance is required. In the TGS and TGX the optional high-load roll stabilisation with electronic shock absorber control reduces the tilt of the body when cornering. When the weight distribution of the load frequently changes, the variable axle load ratio available for TGS and TGX chassis with multiple axles and a drive axle guarantees compliance with the statutory minimum drive-axle load for all load states and ensures the best traction.

Preliminary set-up for the construction industry – suitable for every body ex works

Components such as the lowest step of the entrance, whose suspension made of flexible plastic does not break when deformed, the robust and maintenance-friendly three-part steel bumper, the practical access step on the driver's cab for inspecting the load or the powerful power take-offs show how fundamentally practice-oriented the new MAN is for the construction industry. The new MAN electrical and electronic architecture is now also used in all vehicles. Here, every truck has precisely the cable set it needs for its configuration and intended use. This not only saves weight, but is also more maintenance friendly, efficient and cost effective.

MAN provides its customers from the construction industry with the necessary body preparations for numerous application areas direct from the factory. MAN Individual also manufactures special models and special solutions ex works. This means customers can obtain everything from a single source – without any stress or intermediate steps. It also means MAN can guarantee high standards when it comes to reliability, compliance with all the legal requirements and functional safety. It is also extremely cost effective, as the preliminary set-up shortens the time spent subsequently fitting and converting bodies – and everyone knows that time is money.

The payload also represents hard cash in the transport industry, and although the new MAN Truck generation comes with a reinforced cab body structure for even greater crash safety, the models in all configurations offer an excellent payload balance. For customers, this means a plus in sales and a plus in safety.

The new MAN TGM with three-way tipper for medium-heavy construction applications
The new MAN TGM with three-way tipper for medium-heavy construction applications

Proven expertise – continual collaboration with body builders

As basic vehicles, the MAN TGL, TGM, TGS and TGX represent the best when it comes to a wide variety and flexibility for use in all construction industries. But “Simplifying Business” does not end with the chassis for MAN. Complete transport solutions in conjunction with bodies, semitrailers or trailers make the truck the perfect tool for the customer. Close collaboration and constant exchanging of information with the manufacturers of the most common bodies mean that MAN can repeatedly modify the requirements that the basic vehicle has to meet as early as the development phase, and then take them into consideration later in the vehicle ordering and delivery process. MAN operates the digital platform ABBI (Advanced Body Builder Info) specifically for optimum data and information exchange with the body manufacturers, thereby guaranteeing its customers problem-free processes.

Clean and efficient: engines for all construction and all-wheel-drive sectors

The new MAN TGL, TGM, TGS and TGX vehicles are extremely efficient and economical thanks to the clean, powerful and economical Euro-6d engines of the latest generation. In the TGL and TGM in light to medium-duty construction use, the engines in the D08 series provide the perfect basis for an efficient driveline, depending on the number of cylinders (four or six), capacity (4.6 or 6.9 litres) and output (six variants from 160 hp to 320 hp). For TGS and TGX vehicles in medium-duty construction applications, the D15 engine is the first choice. It was originally developed and introduced in 2019, has a nine litre capacity and a performance spectrum of 330 hp, 360 hp and 400 hp. For TGS and TGX vehicles in heavy-duty construction use, there is the MAN D26 engine, which is the ideal choice, for example, when the gross train weight is regularly 40 tonnes or, where permitted, more. The 12.4 litre, six-cylinder model is available in 430 hp, 470 hp and 510 hp performance classes. Furthermore, the 15.2-litre six-cylinder D38 with 540 hp, 580 hp or 640 hp is also available for the TGX. It is recommended for particularly heavy-duty construction applications. The continual further development of the engines has improved their fuel consumption, reduced wear, and has also garnered attention thanks to the minimised maintenance costs and resulting fewer trips to the workshop.

In addition to a powerful drive, a powerful permanent brake is also required in construction and all-wheel drive applications. On the engine side, MAN offers the wear-free, electronically controlled EVBec engine brake from D08 to D38, which generates high braking power even at low engine speeds by controlling the exhaust back pressure. The Turbo EVBec available for the D15 and D38 is even more powerful. Depending on the application, it even eliminates the need for a secondary retarder on the transmission side, which means a payload gain of between 60 and 90 kilograms. The MAN PriTarder is the ideal choice for frequent off-road trips. It works wear-free with the water from the cooling system and is particularly efficient at low velocity with high engine speed.

Perfect gearshift strategy: gearbox programs for all applications

The second component that is essential to an efficient driveline is the gearbox. With the 6- and 12-speed variants of the MAN TipMatic, an automated manual gearbox is available for all engines in construction and all-wheel drive applications. Special gearbox functions tailored perfectly to the engines ensure even greater efficiency and driving comfort. MAN rounds off the hardware with driving programs that are perfectly coordinated for different industry applications, whilst also supporting the driver in driving as economically as possible. The Efficiency and Efficiency+ programs show their strength in traditional road deployment, and special traction-supporting programs such as Offroad and Low Range display their full potential when used off-road. Drivers of an MAN TGS or TGX can also make use of the optional new MAN EfficientCruise program, depending on the application. The GPS-based assistance system compares the position of the truck, navigation data and topography of the planned route, and calculates the best speed and gearshift strategy. As high continuous braking power is also required, especially for heavy-duty applications, MAN also offers secondary retarders with up to 3500 Nm braking torque for the 12-speed TipMatic gearboxes. An even more powerful version with up to 4000 Nm continuous braking torque is available for vehicles with a converter clutch for heavy-duty use.

Industry-specific driver training: digital and analogue courses

The optimum equipment of a truck is one aspect when it comes to industry-specific usability. Another is trained drivers who can fully exploit the potential of their truck. But, due to the different areas of application within the construction industry, this is not so simple. MAN therefore supports drivers in optimising their driving style with driving data analysis. The basis of this is MAN DigitalServices, which provide comprehensive data and evaluations for everything related to the new MAN Truck Generation. Using this, MAN ProfiDrive also offers different practice-based training – even with a trainer connected live when on the job with MAN Connected CoDriver. Industry-specific analogue training programmes, such as the “Offroad” practical seminar, deal specifically with the complex technology of construction and all-wheel-drive vehicles. Both drivers and companies benefit from this equally, as trained professionals who know what they are doing cause less damage.

Top vehicle availability: After Sales and Digital Services

MAN services do not come to a sudden stop as soon as a new truck is handed over. In the construction industry, where difficult and demanding work is carried out every day, optimal vehicle availability is of crucial importance. This is why MAN supports its customers by providing a large range of After Sales services and the intelligent MAN Digital Services. These work with the vehicle data provided by the RIO box (which is installed in every new MAN vehicle as standard) and enable fleet and deployment analysis, proactive maintenance management through MAN ServiceCare and the legally binding archiving of driver card data, amongst other things. MAN Digital Services therefore make deploying and managing fleets easier and more efficient for a company, and also make it possible to plan costs. MAN Digital Services offers the Driver App for drivers. Some of its functions include a digital departure check, MAN Dealership Search, digital quick reference guide for switches and check lamps using scan function and easy communication with the service organisation in the event of a breakdown, to name just a few.

When it comes to analogue services, drivers and owners of a new MAN vehicle can rely on the large MAN service network with 1,688 workshops in 138 countries around the world. MAN service outlets can ensure optimal support with the latest vehicle diagnosis technology and the trained members of the MAN After Sales team on-site always come up with the most economic services to provide customers the best value for money possible. The right MAN service contracts also ensure you can be sure of the planning and costs involved. MAN Genuine parts are of course used for maintenance and repair. 80% of the most important of these parts are always available in the workshops, reducing the downtime of the truck. Alongside the excellent service and maintenance range, help and support in the worst-case scenario is also a part of the MAN service portfolio in the form of the reliable Mobile24 break-down service.

Good genes: new construction and all-wheel drive trucks with familiar MAN reliability

Another element that is just as important for the operational capability of a vehicle is its quality in the long term. Here, during the development of its new Truck Generation, MAN made every effort to continue the high level of quality of its previous series. Since 2012, the German inspection agency TÜV has been evaluating the results of the statutory inspections for commercial vehicles. These are then published every two years in what is known as the TÜV Report. Here, the components relevant to safety such as body, running gear, light system, brake system, driveline and visibility are scrutinized in particular. Since the first report, MAN has continued to increase its high number of defect-free trucks. In fact, with increasing vehicle age, MAN vehicles return above-average results in terms of being free of defects, and achieve the best results amongst all trucks inspected by TÜV. The MAN Truck Generation has all the attributes to make sure that it stays that way – for all construction industry and all-wheel-drive sectors.


By: P&E Staff
Post Date: November 09, 2020


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