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Safety Tips
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Safety Tips

Staying safe and following certain steps is very important when it comes to dealing with heavy equipment. Buying and selling equipment can be easy as long as you are cautious and take measures to protect yourself from online fraud and an accident-free environment.

If you follow simple steps and educate yourself with some safety tips, it will be useful.

While Buying a Heavy Equipment
  • Inspect heavy equipment before each use to ensure it’s in good operating condition.
  • Check tires and tracks and any other parts before proceeding ahead.
  • If the machinery is being sold at a much lower price, go on the website and contact the given number as it can also be an online fraud scheme.
  • Always see the documents and paperwork before proceeding ahead.
  • Be careful while paying the money online as you might get tricked by an online scam.
  • Do not pay the money unless you have read the details about the machine and are satisfied.
  • Before buying, learn about the seller, the brand and history.
While Selling an Equipment
  • If the customer is giving you cash, make it a point of checking it as some fraudsters trick and never return.
  • If the buyer is giving you a cheque, wait until all the funds are given.
Tips for a Safe Online Buying/Selling
  • See to it that your website browser is up to date.
  • Never give your personal information through emails, always be careful!
  • Always check the website first. Make sure the URL entered is right.
  • Be very careful while giving your personal details (bank details, card details).
  • Always sign in through the website to avoid online scams.
  • Do not share OTP or your PIN.
  • Check if the website is secured and trusted.
What to do if you come across an online scam?

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