Everything You Need To Know About Komatsu PC200-8 & Kobelco SK200-10 Excavators

Posted on 19 January 21


Everything You Need To Know About Komatsu PC200-8 & Kobelco SK200-10 Excavators

There are many excavators available in the market with different features each of which is unique & reliable in its own way. The Komatsu PC200-8 Hybrid is a hydraulic excavator manufactured by Komatsu Limited. Being an industry leader when it comes to hybrid excavator technology, it is the world's first hybrid-powered construction equipment. The Komatsu PC200 series & its family models comprise the leading products and account for more than 10% of the total sales of Komatsu globally.

The PC200-8 has an ingenious cab design with a wide cab space compared to other excavators & is comfortable as well as adjustable. It has a reclining backrest with dual armrests and dual joystick controls. The automatic air conditioner & other specifications make the equipment more special.

The Komatsu PC200-8
The Komatsu PC200-8.

Komatsu excavators are designed to get the job done efficiently and cost-effectively. These machines have features that offer the operator extra support while boosting productivity.

Kobelco excavators are engineered to power through the toughest jobs in a balanced manner in lesser time. These are equipped with the exclusive KOMEXS machine operation management system, allowing owners to access crucial machine data such as location, operating hours, fuel consumption and maintenance status.

The Kobelco SK200-10
The Kobelco SK200-10.

Kobelco SK200-10 model is spacious and comfortable, with a reclining suspension seat for a nice and smooth ride. It has a powerful HINO engine and new hydraulic regeneration system that is great for fuel-efficiency. The upgraded and new Kobelco models are designed in such a manner that it helps in decreasing the fuel consumption by up to 16% compared with the previous models. Air-conditioning vents are located behind the operator’s seat for maximum cooling and airflow making it more special.

Both Komatsu & Kobelco have unique and different specifications. Both these excavators are beautifully designed and are of great use. Komatsu provides good maintenance and is more cost-effective whereas Kobelco is a great machine that will go the distance.

These machines differ in their own way, so depending on your need you can choose the excavator accordingly.

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