How To Move Heavy Equipment?

Posted on 25 March 21


Heavy equipment play a vital role in the day-to-day operation of construction, farming and other industrial facilities. Moving heavy construction equipment can be challenging, because of the weight and size of the equipment. One needs to be very cautious and take into consideration all the logistics and safety issues to avoid any incident.

Moreover, when moving heavy equipment, you need to be mindful of the heavy equipment specifications, areas and any obstacles you may encounter in order to choose the right heavy tools and machinery for the job.

How to Move Heavy Equipment

Tools That Make Moving Heavy Equipment Easier

In this post, you will find a rundown of moving tools and machinery movers that will help you in the whole process of moving machinery and heavy equipment:


A forklift is really good to have around when you’re moving heavy machinery. It was made for the express purpose of hauling around heavy objects for a short distance.


Wheels usually make things much easier to move, and this tool is exactly like it sounds. Machine skates have a square or rectangular platform with wheels at each corner. The skates are placed under appliances and heavy machinery, so that they can glide and slide across the floor instead of having to be picked up and carried.

Roller Skids

Roller skids are very similar to skates with one big difference. Roller skids are specialty built so that they can be bolted to heavy machinery.

Lift Buddy

When all you need is a little help to lift the corner of a piece of equipment or furniture, the Lift Buddy will do the trick.

Toe Jacks

A toe jack is more heavy duty than the Lift Buddy and operates a little differently. Instead of simply crowbarring the equipment up, a toe jack acts like a car jack.

Lifting Straps

Lifting straps, a simple tool also known as a moving harness, comes in many forms.

Air Bearings

An air compressor is used to inflate bearing elements that are connected to a platform, which is placed under the equipment.

Hand Truck Dolly

For equipment and machinery that aren’t over-sized but extremely heavy, a hand truck dolly is a great solution.

Moving Truck or Flatbed

Anytime you need to move heavy equipment across a long distance, you’ll need a moving truck or a flatbed with tie downs.

Finally, transporting heavy equipment involves analysing the cost, safety and legal considerations. Being one of the top heavy machinery marketplaces across the UAE, Europe, and MENA, Plant & Equipment hires professional machinery movers to ensure a smooth move for our clients’ equipment.


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