950 GC Wheel loader

Posted on 30 March 21


From material handling and truck loading to general construction and stockpiling, the Cat 950 GC wheel loader is created specifically to handle all kinds of construction work and efficient performance. Easy operation and low maintenance and operating costs makes the Cat 950 GC the right choice for your industry. The Cat 950 GC core features and benefits include:

950 GC Wheel loader

Efficient and Safe to use

No matter how good the equipment is, the operator has to be safe and efficient to be able to work it properly. That’s why the Cat 950 GC platform and cab are designed with safety are perfect for use.

Anti-slip ladders provide access to the platforms, which are equipped with handrails to allow the operator to enter the cab safely. The front-opening main cab door ensures there’s wide access to the cab. Also, the Cat 950 GC comes equipped with air conditioning.

Powerful power train

The Cat 950 GC Wheel Loader is equipped with a power train built for performance and durability. It has a Cat C7.1 engine that not only meets Stage IIIA emission standards but also features an Engine Idle Management System that reduces fuel consumption. The variable speed fan self-adjusts as needed, which results in lower noise levels and lower fuel consumption. The power-shift countershaft transmission is controlled by the Cat Electronic Long Range Transmission control valve and comes equipped with heat-treated gears and robust bearings, making it fuel-efficient and durable, as well as relatively quiet and low-vibration.

950 GC Wheel loader

Highest Performance and Productivity

It’s equipped with several features that enhance performance safely, so you can enjoy the best possible productivity. The cab and linkage are protected from spillage by the spill guard. The advanced Z-bar linkage design promotes better loading and retention due to its excellent breakout force and superior rack back angle. The lift arms provide excellent reach and dump clearance. Moreover, thanks to the load-sensing hydraulic system that only produces pressure and flow for the implemented system as needed, the Cat 950 GC is highly productive and fuel-efficient.

Work Tool Attachments and the Fusion™ Quick Couple System

The Cat 950 GC makes the work easy, with a range of durable couple and pin-on attachments specifically designed for this equipment. Furthermore, the Cat 950 GC is equipped with the Fusion™ Quick Coupler System, which provides a uniform interface for a variety of small and medium Cat wheel loaders. This allows a tool to be used by multiple wheel loaders, which means if you already have tools onsite, you might not have to acquire new ones.

Reliable and Good service

Designed for the highest possible performance and quality, Cat 950 GC components are manufactured to world-class Caterpillar standards and ensure maximum reliability. Of course, to make sure your heavy equipment has the longest possible life, it’s essential to have it regularly serviced. The Cat 950 GC features several hydraulic and electrical service centres that are conveniently located beneath the access ladders for grouped level access by the operator, as well as any service technicians.

Not only is Cat 950 GC perfect for use, but also provides both enhanced safety and comfort.

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