Guide to Buying and Selling Heavy Equipment

Posted on 12 May 19


Guide to Buying and Selling Heavy Equipment

For contractors who have sizable fleets, buying and selling heavy equipment is an essential part of the business. After a period of time, companies sell older heavy equipment to make way for newer ones. Buying refurbished used equipment is also a practical move for contractors as they can save a lot doing this. 

To optimize the resources, contractors need to to be careful in the process of buying and selling heavy equipment. Check out these tips that can help you.


The first thing to do is decide which heavy equipment to buy and determine the purpose of buying. Heavy equipment comes in different types. The features of each type vary depending on the uses. For instance, if you’re looking for an excavator for large scale civil engineering projects like canal dreading, the dragline excavator is the equipment to buy. If your purpose is to dig soil on uneven terrain, then you should opt for the smaller but more stable track excavator

When buying equipment, especially a used one, make sure it is still in excellent condition. You have to do in-depth research and inspect the equipment thoroughly. Buying from an established heavy equipment provider or an online auction company can also save you the trouble as this company only sells new and used machinery that passes quality standards. A good equipment provider can give you various options in terms of brands and models. 

Most providers of heavy equipment have websites displaying the specific details of the equipment including You can also check consumer reviews to help you evaluate the machinery. It is essential to know the transportation cost of the equipment. If the equipment is from another country, find information about the import and export regulations. You may also ask about it from the dealer selling the equipment as they might have experience when it comes to the shipment policy. 


Get the best sales price by exposing your equipment to a large buyer pool. One of the best options is to sell at Establish a partnership with an online portal as it can assist you every step of the way.

Before selling the equipment, make sure to take clear high-quality photos of the heavy equipment, and provide maintenance records and usage logs to appeal buyers. In listing your equipment, be transparent and honest as you have to obtain the confidence of the buyers to get a good deal. 

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