How Technology Changes Heavy Equipment Management

Posted on 12 June 19


How Technology Changes Heavy Equipment Management

We are now on the cusp of the Fourth industrial revolution. Technologies such as digitization, cloud computing, robotics, Internet of Things (IoT) are changing the way we do business and accomplish things. The heavy equipment industry is not an exception. 

Here are the ways technology changes the heavy equipment industry including cranes, wheel loaders, and excavators

- Organized Equipment Data

Technology allows operators to integrate machine data and reports, and lets them keep close tabs on repair, equipment age, and other details that may affect project bidding and management. If the data about the machines are organized and easily available, it will be easy for operators to evaluate if certain machines need repair or replacement. They can determine easily if the repair cost is more expensive than total replacement. 

- Safer Operations

Now, operators can access information about the machine because most of the latest models have QR codes placed at the different areas of each machine. These codes can give anyone convenient access to information such as lifting capacities and daily walk around safety videos, among others. 

- Better Cost Controls

Many machines now have telematic sensors, which shows each project’s detailed idle times and how much it is costing the operator for wasted fuel. Telematics technology allows operators to get every detail - from speed and idling to fuel use, low tire pressure. There is even a technology now that automates the maintenance of the machine by sending an alert to providers. 

Every day, more and more tools and pieces of machinery are connected to the Internet. This bodes well for those in heavy equipment fleet management sectors as digitizing things and using IoT applications in fleet management and operations entail safer operations, improved maintenance and increased profit margins resulting from reduced operational cost. 

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