How are Drones Impacting the Construction Industry?

Posted on 15 August 19


Innovation and a rapid transformation in technology are widely seen in the construction industry. This new technology has led to finding solutions and completing work real quick. With this introduction of various forms of unmanned labours, many people have understood that drones can play an essential role in their business. 

Before drones, to get an aerial view of the construction site, expensive manned aircraft had to be hired. With the introduction of drones that job has been made easier. One can get as many pictures as they want. All of this at a reasonable price. These updated images can help in better planning while keeping a check on the progress. 

Here are some ways by which drones are impacting the construction industry, in a right way-

A clear picture of the land

Earlier, contractors would spend time visiting and surveying their land area to decide whether or not the land is suitable for the proposed construction. This can be useful, especially when uninhabited areas are concerned. Drones can provide a clear picture of the properties of the land more cheaply and efficiently. This information can be used by the contractors to estimate their plan well before accepting the offer.

Better security

Drones enable the contractors to keep an eye on the site. This is proving to improve security in the construction industry against theft, vandalism and ensure the safety of the workers. Drones can be used to protect the construction site against anything suspicious. This surveillance task has been made easier and efficient with the invention of drones. 

Maintaining a record of the work done

Drones can provide an accurate image of the site and the work. This can be used to track the everyday progress of the work. Not only this, but one can also share the progress with others, including the clients who have invested their money in the project. Rather than having them visit your site regularly hindering the pace of work, you can show them the updated drone pictures. This will also build trust between you and the people financing the project.

Transporting items

Yes, those not-so-huge machines can also carry a certain amount of weight. Apart from keeping a close eye on the work of the workers, they can help you carry small goods from one place to another. These can also increase the safety on the construction site at a reasonable price.

Towards a better infrastructure

With the introduction of the new technology, the collection of data and reports from the construction site has become much more comfortable. This exact data can be used to complete work at a faster rate. This can also be used to plan the infrastructure in a better, innovative way. Soon, they might even help in the actual building tasks. Thus, saving up on time, labour and money.

Better communication, less confusion

Businesses invest heavily on the labour at the worksite. In return, they demand efficient work from their site. However, sometimes confusion can cause a delay in the work. Drones can help weed that problem out. Immediate and update footage from the site allows companies o keep a track connect this information to their seniors. Communication is one of the most important aspects of the construction industry. Drones do the work while reducing the amount of time taken to carry out each process

Make your constructive site tech-savvy

Dealing with and converting potential clients is a must in the construction industry. Using modern technology on the site can help you stand out amongst your competitors. Drones will help you give the right and regular details to your clients, helping you build a reputed brand. This will also increase the trust and viability of your work.

Are there any disadvantages?

Of course, everything comes with their set of pros and cons. Now that we know all the advantages of using drones let us take a look at the cons-

  • The people operating the system should be trained. Untrained handling can cause damage to the device. Not just one, but there should be at least 3 - 4 people on the site trained well enough to handle the flight properties like path well. They should also have knowledge about the device they are using and the potential complications that can arise.
  • Drones can be an expensive tool. While it is a cheaper option than the other aerial view options available in the market, it can be an expensive one-time-buy. However, users do not count this as a problem as it is very beneficial in the longer run.
  • Drones can get damaged if the necessary precautions are not kept in mind while flying it. The weather condition, obstruction in the path should be taken care of. Mishandling can also prevent the drone from taking explicit images of the site.

However, the disadvantages are considered to be minimal when compared to the benefits of using drones at your site. It depends on you and your business’s need. While technology continues to grow, drones will be soon become a common sight and will benefit industries from its advanced services.

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