How to Safely Use Heavy Equipment

Posted on 09 June 19


How to Safely Use Heavy Equipment

Safety Guide to Using Heavy Equipment

Heavy equipment is very useful in construction projects. However, they can be very dangerous when not used properly. Whether you are a beginner or advanced to handling heavy equipment, you have to be careful. 

Check out these safety tips to avoid injury and ensure your safety. 

Get proper training

Each heavy equipment has a different operating instruction from another. If you know how to handle a tractor, don’t just jump at the chance of operating one. Make sure you have proper training first. Your training must cover safety and hazard identifications, start-up procedures, and load capacity, among others. Each equipment is designed for a specific purpose. Make sure to use the equipment as the manufacturer intended. For instance, don’t use a wheel loader as an aerial lift or an excavator as a replacement for a crane.

Ensure your safety

Always wear seatbelts while operating the heavy equipment. In case the equipment rolls over, the seatbelt will prevent you from being jostled around or thrown out. Also, do not enter and exit the equipment if it’s moving. When climbing or using a ladder to enter or exit the equipment, don’t carry anything that is heavy or sharp. Make sure to wear a hard hat, gloves, and other personal protective equipment when operating it. 

Take note of your surroundings

Be mindful of your surroundings when you are handling heavy equipment. When using excavators, for instance, avoid damaging underground utilities or de-energize overhead powerlines to prevent injuries and delays. As an operator, you should not only think of yourself when handling heavy equipment. You also have to think of the safety of bystanders and the things in the vicinity, particularly if you’re working in small spaces. 

Inspect the heavy equipment before use

Check the crucial parts of the heavy equipment before and after each use to ensure it’s in good operating condition. Before starting up, make sure the fluid levels are enough, the alarms are working, and the tires are fine. If you sense that something is not right with the equipment, have it checked by a technician before using it. 

Operating heavy equipment poses dangers. To prevent yourself from getting injured and avoid harming others, make sure to keep the above tips in mind. 

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