Shifting Online To Buy And Sell Heavy Machinery And Trucks In The MENA Region

Posted on 22 February 21


Shifting Online To Buy And Sell Heavy Machinery And Trucks In The MENA Region

Buying and selling behaviors of equipment and trucks have evolved during the past few years. The days of visiting dealer yards and searching machines in person are long gone as buyers today research thoroughly online before making their purchases. Dealers have to adopt a new selling approach to target new consumer behaviors. Powered by the internet revolution, digital marketing in the heavy machinery and truck industry has become crucial for both consumers and dealers.

Whether you are browsing the internet, scrolling through social media or using apps, users are often checking their smartphones. According to the University of Oregon, mobile social media penetration in the MENA region has more than doubled to 44% in the past five years. Let that sink in.

Buyers in the Middle East are becoming tech-savvy as younger generations take on more significant roles in their companies while older generations are retiring. In 2019, 77% of buyers' enquiries on’s platform are coming from users between the ages of 18 and 44. Thus, the millennial generation accounts for the majority of buyers online. This upward trend displays a convincing signal that traditional purchasing methods have shifted to new kinds of buyers.

Today, the preferred way for contacting dealers is via a phone call, messaging (WhatsApp, FB Messenger, etc.), and emails. Buyers like to know specific details about the machinery and ask questions about the condition and history. Whether dealers are selling in online marketplaces or social media platforms, listing new and/or used machine inventory online is a crucial method to connect with buyers.

Before enquiring about an online listing, a typical buyer in the MENA region is looking for multiple images, detailed videos, thorough descriptions, price, and the serial number or VIN for verification purposes. Thus, machinery dealers are recommended to add photos and at least a single video from different angles in order to increase a buyer's chance to enquire and purchase machines. Proven by StepFeed, at least 60% of YouTube audiences in the MENA region are millennials. Additionally, including descriptions about the history of the used machinery, damages, engine type, paint jobs, and attachments is essential along with the serial number. If possible, providing a detailed inspection report from a verified workshop should further increase a buyer’s confidence in making the purchase.

Zayd Kuba is the Managing Director of, a leading B2B marketplace site for heavy machinery, trucks and spare parts in the Middle East and Africa.

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