Top Demand Category Searches In 2020 - Africa

Posted on 08 January 21


Top Demand Category Searches in 2020 - Africa

The growing construction industry across various African countries has increased the demand & need for heavy equipment. African countries have a high demand for heavy equipment like Excavators, Trucks, Cranes, Wheel Loaders & Dozers. According to research, the African construction industry is expected to grow during 2020-2026.

In terms of equipment type, Excavators dominate the overall construction equipment market. Additionally, other types of machinery like Trucks, Cranes, Wheel loaders & Dozers have significant demand in African countries like South Africa, Nigeria, Egypt, Ghana & Algeria. Let's have a look at all the data & statistics on the types of equipment being used & searched in these African Countries on our website in 2020. Search queries were spread out relatively evenly across various brands, make and models.

South Africa

South Africa has 19.51 % of Excavator searches in comparison with other equipment.

  • Trucks: 15.45%
  • Wheel Loaders: 13.89%
  • Cranes: 9.95%
  • Dozers: 6.11%


Nigeria has a top demand for Excavators & Wheel Loaders respectively.

  • Excavators: 19.18%
  • Wheel Loaders: 12.83%
  • Cranes: 11.71%
  • Trucks: 9.41%
  • Dozers: 8.09%


The Egypt construction market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6% at this period.

Excavators dominate the overall market at 36.74% followed by Trucks at 11.37%.

  • Spare Parts: 11.18%
  • Wheel Loaders: 10.83%
  • Cranes: 6.79%


Top demand for Wheel Loaders at 26.20% compared to other equipment.

  • Trucks: 18.93%
  • Excavators: 12.40%
  • Cranes: 9.57%
  • Dozers: 7.24%


Algeria has the highest Trucks searches with 52.18%.

  • Spare Parts: 13.82%
  • Excavators: 7.95%
  • Cranes: 7.40%
  • Wheel Loaders: 4.15%

Lastly, demand for high-performance, efficient, and safe handling equipment from the end market is expected to make the market more competitive over the forecast period.

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