What Are Concrete Mixers, Their Different Types & Applications In Construction

Posted on 17 May 21


Concrete, a mixture of aggregates (fine or coarse), cement, and water is an essential building material widely used in modern-day construction, because of its strength, durability, and versatility. The ratio of the constituent ingredients helps concrete be produced in a wide range of compressive strength or grades.

Concrete mixers

Typically, grades of concrete vary ranging from M5 to M70. M5 grades concrete has a compressive strength of 5 MPa, whereas M70 grades concrete has a compressive strength of 70 Mpa. Concrete of grades M5 to M20 is used for applications that don’t require high strength, while concrete of grades ranging between M25 and M45 is used for reinforced concrete applications.

What is a concrete mixer?

Concrete mixers are devices capable of preparing concrete mixtures with different levels of solidity and in a timely fashion. Some concrete mixers are even capable of dispensing the concrete mixture directly to the location of the construction. Depending on the requirement of the application, concrete mixers are of various sizes and types. Portable concrete mixers are used in small and medium-sized applications, whereas in large-scale applications concrete batching plants can also be built at the construction site.

Types of concrete mixers

Different types of concrete mixers are used for different purposes. Here’s a list of some of the most used types of concrete mixers and their applications:

Concrete mixers are divided into two broad categories:

  1. Batch Mixer
  2. Continuous Mixer

 1. Batch Mixer:

This type of mixer produces concrete one batch at a time. Batch mixers either have a drum or a pan consisting of blades, which prepare the concrete mix upon rotation. The speed of rotation, angle of the blades, and the angle of inclination of the drum can be controlled. These are the most used concrete mixers and are highly preferable to be used in small and medium-sized construction sites.

Batch mixers can be further divided into two types:

These mixers consist of a double conical frustum-shaped drum. Depending on its type, the drum has either a single set or multiple sets of blades used to mix, prepare, and discharge the concrete mixture. Now, drum mixers are of three different types:

1a. Tilting Drum Mixer: In this type of drum mixer, the drum can tilt upwards or downwards up until a certain angle. 
These mixers are highly preferable for large construction sites or applications where construction work is carried out intensively.

1b. Non-Tilting Drum Mixer: These drum mixers come with a non-tilting drum that rotates on its horizontal axis to produce concrete. This type of drum mixer is generally used in small construction sites.

1c. Reversing Drum Mixer: Quite like non-tilting drum mixers, these mixers also have openings at both ends and the elements of the concrete mix are poured in from one end and the final mix is collected from the other. Reversing drum mixers are most suitable for preparing dry mix concrete.

1d. Pan Mixer: This type of mixer has a cylindrical pan in which concrete is prepared. Just like drum mixers, these mixers also have blades that facilitate the process of mixing. These blades are generally shaped like a star to ensure optimum efficiency.

Pan mixers are the most efficient type of concrete mixers. These mixers are most suitable for preparing stiff and lean concrete mixes.

Concrete mixers

2. Continuous Mixer

These concrete mixers work without any interference and keep manufacturing concrete continuously if work is going on. They are continuously fed raw materials. As soon as the mix is ready, concrete is discharged and collected by construction workers. Continuous mixer systems are generally set up in the construction site itself. These mixers are deployed while constructing very large structures, such as bridges, tunnels for roads, and dams.

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