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First Sales Of Z-45 FE By Distributors In EMEAR

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By: P&E Staff
Post Date: October 14, 2020

First Sales Of Z-45 FE By Distributors In EMEAR

Genie® Authorised Distributors sales of the first new Genie Z®-45 FE hybrid boom lifts to customers in Europe are off to a great start. As a result, many rental and end-user customers have already experienced the benefits — proof that when true hybrid technology comes with a robust articulated boom in the popular 16 m (52 ft) lift class, orders and sales immediately follow.

In Denmark, respect for the environment is a key factor in equipment sales.

Joma Lift is the Authorised Genie Distributor in Denmark. What Managing Director Jørgen Martinsen particularly likes about the Genie Fuel Electric system is its ‘green performance, that thanks to two power sources and "series" technology offers two modes of operation that keep this model running non-stop at the same time as being environment-friendly.

“Generally speaking, the Danish market is very attentive to environment-related issues like pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. As an equipment supplier, we know that big cities will soon be banning all machines that produce emissions. As a result, there is a demand, not only from the government, but also from private contractors for environment-friendly equipment. As a result, rental companies are asking us for fuel electric machines that offer emissions-free, noiseless operation that are ideal for indoor and outdoor work, as well as in city centres and use at night, even on sites where electricity is not available. In hybrid mode the 24 hp diesel generator takes over and allows the machine to continue working while recharging the batteries. An intelligent sensor automatically recognises when the batteries are below the optimum charge and starts the diesel generator to recharge them.” He concludes “Our rental customer Lift & Loft is aware of these parameters and is always looking for new products that are ecologically orientated. As the first in Scandinavia to buy a hybrid Genie Z-60 FE articulating aerial work platform, and committed to giving its company a green image, Lift & Loft has since placed an order with us for an additional two hybrid Genie Z-45 FE and Z60 FE models".

In the Netherlands, environmental regulations are getting much stricter

Jan-Willem Glaubitz, Marketing Manager for Authorised Genie Distributor HDW says, "In urban areas as well as on construction sites, in Holland, environmental regulations are getting much stricter. This is part of a broader national policy that focuses on the reduction of CO2 emissions. To support this approach, in cities, local governments can offer discounts to companies with a CO2 Performance Certificate. This ensures that they do business with companies that make efforts to reduce CO2 emissions. In addition, machines that operate quietly are a big advantage for work on jobsites in cities or noise-restricted areas or close to offices, schools or hospitals. “

He continues: “Our rental customer Doornbos Equipment, who ordered four Genie Z-45 FE booms, has a strong sustainable approach and, as such, owns a lot of electric and hybrid machines which are part of this government plan. We also delivered their first Genie Z-45 FE boom to Kok Verhuur in August. “

In Sweden, the "2-In-1 boom" aspect has strong appeal.

Anders Åström, Sales Manager, Liftexperten, Authorised Genie Distributor in Sweden, highlights the the versatility of the Z-45 FE hybrid boom. With its 300 kg (660 lb) lift capacity in the highly popular 16 m (52 ft 49 in) working height category, this model has what it takes to increase rental profitability.

"The characteristics of the Genie Z-45 FE articulating hybrid boom make it an extremely versatile machine, a key reason for the choice of our rental customers. Offering true 4x4 performance and electric or diesel operating modes, its popular working height allows our customer to rely on this machine in a wide variety of heavy outdoor applications such as steelworks, stadiums or for shipyard maintenance. When operated in 100% electric mode, its emissions and noise-free operation allows them to work indoors too, as well as in warehouses, convention centres and in urban areas where low noise and zero emissions are mandatory. Hirers see this machine as a product that will increase their the rental returns on invested capital (rROIC) due to a good rental rate, while for end-users, it represents a rental saving since, instead of renting a diesel plus an electric-powered machine, a single hybrid unit allows them to perform a wide variety of indoors and out."

In Germany, it is simply a “must-have” for increased productivity at lower costs.

Christian Wienold, Sales Director of Authorised Genie Distributor Wienold Lifte explains that his customer, Pernes Hebesysteme GmbH, appreciates the productivity of the new hybrid Genie Z-45 FE boom lift and its smart technology. He says that, "In addition to its hybrid technology that makes it more environmental-friendly, our customer appreciate its performance at all levels, as well as its low cost of ownership. It's a machine that never stops working in a broad field of indoor, outdoor, urban and nighttime applications. The Genie hydrid recharges its own batteries at the same time as continuing to work at height, not just when driving like most other models! It is no longer up to the operator to decide whether to switch from 100% electric to hybrid mode; the machine automatically takes care of it, which intelligently optimises energy sources and, as a result, its diesel consumption. All in all, it is a true hybrid articulating boom lift, with a robust design, sealed AC drive motors and light weight that provides superior off-road performance and low maintenance costs compared to a typical diesel machine."

In France: Medium and small rental companies need to diversify

Emmanuel Pirot, owner of Authorised Genie Distributor EMM based in the North of France explains: “There is no doubt about it, in terms of noise and emissions, mindsets are changing and jobsite regulations are already far stricter now than a couple of years back. To maintain their success, at rental company Sofranel Location, they believe in the need to adapt to this new reality with a different positioning that offers its customers equipment that allows them to rise to current and future challenges.”

Didier Descamps, owner of Sofranel adds, “The acquisition of two hybrid Genie Z-45 FE models are the start of a new ‘green’ product group that we intend to market separately. As far as we see it, reduced impact on the environment is not the only benefit that these models have to offer. Their reduced maintenance saves time and costs for us as a rental company, but also for our customers since, even if we charge a slightly higher rate for our hybrid machines, the money customers save on fuel goes directly into their pockets. Over the coming years, we are expecting this new ‘green’ category to grow rapidly to represent a much larger proportion of our fleet. In the meantime, we are confident that it will not be long before these models will be in strong demand in the landscaping and tree pruning sector that we are developping in our region”.


By: P&E Staff
Post Date: October 14, 2020


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