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A Compact Winner

Post Date: March 05, 2021

A mini crane that can get inside small spaces, can be loaded easily on top of a variety of terrains, works better than a number of other lifting systems? Jekko’s mini cranes do all of the above, here’s a closer look.

A Compact Winner

Jekko Cranes are fairly new in the Middle East, having first arrived in the UAE in March 2018, when the first units were purchased by rental company, AJI Heavy Equipment Rental LLC.

The Jekko mini cranes are ideal rental equipment, and the brand is suited to companies who want a more innovative offering for their customers and end users. “It is important to remember that the purchase of a mini crane still represents a significant investment from an end user, so the main buyers still tend to be rental companies,” says Dean Jones, General Manager, AJI Heavy Equipment Rental LLC. AJI Heavy Equipment Rental has successfully introduced this innovative piece of equipment to other rental companies and growth in this sector remains the focus for the Jekko brand.

Currently for Jekko Cranes, the UAE is its main focal point. Through AJI Heavy Equipment Rental LLC it is broadening both its applications and customer base for education and introduction to the product. Although there is a lot of interest and enquiries have been received from other countries in the Middle East, the service network has not extended to those areas yet.


Jekko’s range of mini cranes are dependent heavily on the use of technology and has a range of features that are extremely difficult to compete with. Jekko mini cranes have evolved to offer intuitive outrigger settings, full hydraulic jibs and a smart LMI (load moment indicator) system which allows more capacity throughout the load charts.

These features have allowed the Jekko mini cranes to be lighter in weight, offer greater capacities, longer booms and smaller outrigger footprints than their competitors.

The Jekko mini cranes also allow for full operation of all the functions, including all lifting tools from a single remote. The servicing and support are made easier with the introduction of J-Connect, which uses a smart telematics system to assist in servicing and maintenance.

Jekko has also recently introduced a full electric mini picker, the MPK06, this unit has several unique features and has a custom integrated glass manipulator which is commonly referred to as a glazing robot.

Smaller and lighter - the Jekko mini cranes can fit on top and inside surfaces and terrains where most other cranes can’t reach.
Smaller and lighter - the Jekko mini cranes can fit on top and inside surfaces and terrains where most other cranes can’t reach.

Mini cranes

Why are they called mini cranes? “This is a difficult one to answer, but the general term is applied as the machines can travel through a double doorway in width and can operate indoors on multiple power sources,” says Jones. Hence, they are significantly smaller and lighter than their traditional counterparts and are lifted easily onto roofs of buildings by tower cranes or larger mobile cranes.

The concept of mini cranes has been around for a few decades now. In the local market, development is also moving more around repurposing and re-development of existing areas. “That is where we see a large portion of the growth coming for us,” says Jones. Customers are looking for ways to do jobs in tighter, more difficult areas that are already built up. Applications for Jekko mini cranes and mini pickers are extremely varied and they can be applied in multiple industries where lifting is required - construction and petrochemical maintenance industries.

The Jekko range consists of mini cranes, articulated crawler cranes of up to 21.5 tonne capacities, compact tracked crawler cranes, making the range ideal for the light to heavy industrial maintenance sector. Jekko completes the offering with a range of mini pickers of up to five tonnes, glazing robots and glass lifting equipment, which cater to the lighter industrial glazing industries.

Last year, AJI Heavy Equipment took ownership of the first Jekko SPX 1280 sold in the region and has since taken a second unit earlier this year. This is in addition to several units that have been sold into Saudi Arabia in the last year

A Compact Winner

After sales

The customer experience has always been a key focal point for Jekko and as custodians of the brand, AJI Heavy Equipment Rental LLC is the direct interface with the UAE customer. Having a range of options available in their rental fleet allows the customer to experience the machine and its benefits prior to purchasing the units. This adds a massive benefit. As the units are in operation throughout the country, service back up has had to be fast and supportive.

Over the standard warranties, Jekko additionally provides a two-year warranty on all parts when the unit is taken with the J-Connect contract for the second year, and also has a three year warranty option, something generally unheard of in the industry.

From the customer’s perspective, the offering is a comprehensive one from Jekko. It’s a technologically superior product which comes partnered with the service and parts back up making it an ideal unit to own or rent.

Post Date: March 05, 2021


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