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Digging Deep

Post Date: November 03, 2020

Headquartered in Ras Al Khaimah, Quarry Mining creates custommade, state-of-the-art mineral processing plants for the quarry, mining and construction material industries.

Digging Deep

Quarry Mining began operations in the UAE in 2002 but have been present in the region since 1975. “We are a family run business and our local partner is the Government of Ras Al Khaimah,” says Michael Kerler, General Manager.

Back in 2002, the company was the first to design tailor made industrial plant solutions for the quarry, mining and construction material industries in the country. Quarry Mining uniquely combines its own expertise and knowledge with expert engineering know-how.

Mineral processing plants

Quarry Mining has the resources, skills and competencies to design, manufacture and install superior grade processing plants primarily for mechanical processing. The company has collaborations with expert partners helping them to provide innovative and intelligent factory solutions, based on the rock type, yield quality and output required by the client on site. “For this we employ the use of key components made available by our supply partners for example crushers, screens, feeders, electric motors and control panels with programmable logic controls (PLC),” says Kerler.

Working closely with their clients, the design team at Quarry Mining transforms ideas into fully operational mineral processing plants of any size or complexity. The company follows European Standards of conformity and is ISO 9001:2015 / ISO 14001:2015 / BS OHSAS 18001:2007 certified.

Bulk handling

In the mining process, the environment is a major consideration. “We are a big advocate of transportation via conveyor systems to keep the use of trucks/dumpers at a minimum,” says Kerler. This not only saves costs but also protects the environment.

“We have successfully installed multiple conveyor systems with electric power recovery, which means we generate electricity as a by product while transporting bulk material downhill,” he adds.


The environment is a major consideration for the company as it begins work on any new site. Extracting useful material from underground is a disruptive process for the natural habitat involved. Materials such as limestone, gravel, clay are quarried in large quantities for use in the concrete, cement and glass industries. A recent project undertaken by the company was of the design, manufacturing and installation of the biggest crushing plant for limestone. That plant was made for the biggest limestone quarry in the Middle East and one of the biggest in the world. Its feed capacity was 3,500 tonnes per hour. The final production capacity was 2,800 t/h. The plant was fed by Quarry Mining’s two downhill conveyor systems, one with a 3,500 t/h capacity and the other with a 4500 t/h capacity.

While on the job, Quarry Mining ensures their plants are fully encapsulated with an effective dust collection and filtration system.

“The engineering and core equipment is supplied by our German supply partner, FAV Vollert KG, while we supply steel supports, silos and duct works. Dust emission and spillage from conveyors is a major concern for most installations. Our conveyors are designed to eliminate these problems using innovative belt scrapers, robust skirt mountings and rubber skirting, and properly engineered feed and discharge chutes,” he elaborates.

De-Dust Filter for feed hoppers
De-Dust Filter for feed hoppers.


For the company, innovation means the introduction and implementation of new working methodologies that ensure profitable results for their clients.

“Our engineering team uses design technology to provide a look and feel of solutions that can be converted into installation processes later on. We believe in continuously keeping our promise of maintaining health and safety standards without compromising environment and safety guidelines. The designs created by us are made through a strict adherence to health and safety norms that ensure proper safety and efficiency for its users,” says Kerler.

Three dimensional designs help their clients in understanding the actual physical installation required and comprise substantial details that initiate easier communication ensuring a project’s success. Design drafts are also converted into animated models or 3D virtual models eliminating possible installation errors right at the design stage.

3,500 tonnes per hour downhill conveyor with power recovery.
3,500 tonnes per hour downhill conveyor with power recovery.

Market status

Quarry Mining was fortunate to receive a large contract in December 2019, which kept them busy till August 2020. “We received a contract for 28 conveyors with high specifications [the material being conveyed was potash which requires extremely delicate handling] and honestly being hyper detail oriented we couldn’t have asked for better timing. Plus, we won this project against our international competitors,” says Kerler gratefully.

“Demand for new projects has been low over the past few months but we are receiving concrete inquiries again and we are confident to receive new orders shortly,” he says. Quarry Mining’s UAE market is well established, and the company’s focus remains very much on the growth of the manufacturing industries in the country. Plus, they are in the process of establishing a new company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia called Quarry Mining KSA Ltd. This will be located in Ras Al Khair - the new hub for the Saudi mining industry which has its own seaport. The company also has interests in the mining market in Africa.


Post Date: November 03, 2020


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