The New Stralis X-WAY‭, ‬Perfect Crossing

Posted on 08 Jan. 2019

IVECO is the only manufacturer in the world that covers all sectors of light, medium, heavy, special, on-road and off-road vehicles with the IVECO brand only - no sub-brands. The Heavy range represents Iveco core business in all the main Middle East markets; the needs of fleets are changing as are the types of vehicles required and Iveco’s off-highway and on-highway ranges offer a superior offer the perfect choice for answering to this change.

On 2018 IVECO launched a new product: the Stralis X-Way that combines the most suitable features for the area of the Trakker and Stralis making it a perfect product for construction logistic, for missions where there is a combination of light off road and on road in a percentage of around 80-20 %.

In general and due to the wide line up offered Iveco is able to cover all the main several segment existing in the region from mining and quarry, to construction, contracting companies, logistics and transport, municipality and tenders. 

In particular the Stralis X-Way is suitable for missions where the road conditions are a mix between ON and LIGHT OFF road or in general the road conditions require a more robust product than a pure on road product with the advantages of the Stralis, a wider cabin if needed, 10 lt and 13 lt engines with a power ranging to 540hp and manual & automated boxes with 16-speed Manual, 12-speed automated gearboxes or Allison S3200 gearboxes.

The Stralis X-WAY takes the modular approach to the extreme, starting from a choice of line-ups, which can be tailored to a specific mission with an extensive offering of features, components and specifications. The result is ultimate flexibility.

The modular, mission-oriented approach of the Stralis X-WAY provides flexibility in customising to the specific requirements of a wide variety of applications. It offers a choice of artic and rigid versions; different axles, suspensions, vehicle setups, engines and transmissions.

The wide choice of features and components, the structural strength, and low kerb weight result in a vehicle that can be configured for an extensive variety of missions.

For example it is possible to choose the best bumper for the cab and setup to perfectly match the mission: higher front axle drop and ground clearance, better protection and approach angle.

The new front axles bear loads up to 8 tonnes, deliver better braking performance, strength and durability, require no oil changes and guaranty higher ground clearance.

The right axle with modular approach: for example, SR for bigger payload and fuel savings on tarred / graveled surfaces; HR with Hub Reduction for dirty roads.

The constant frame section chassis is available in 7.7 mm thickness. Stralis X-WAY also offers a wide choice of wheelbases ranging from 3,200 mm to 6,300 mm and of rear overhang lengths to ensure the maneuverability needed in the light off-road segment.

The modular mission-oriented approach of the Stralis X-WAY makes it easy to define the specific configuration you need.