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New AEBS-3 for DAF LF CF and XF trucks

New AEBS-3 for DAF LF CF and XF trucks

To further increase vehicle and road safety DAF Trucks introduces an improved AEBS system for its complete range of LF CF and XF models: AEBS-3. This third generation Advanced Emergency Braking System can provide up to full autonomous emergency braking to assist with collision avoidance of both stationary and moving vehicles from a speed of up to 80 kmh. The sophisticated safety system is offered in combination with Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) and Forward Collision Warning (FCW). For its next generation of AEBS system DAF Trucks is using a high precision dual radar with 16 antennas (previously: 7) for far and near range detection. It holds the best-in-class long range sensor with the longest detection range in the industry of up to 250 metres (previously: 200). This enables earlier recognition of potentially critical situations. An unparalleled 120˚ (previously: 50˚) near range angle of view enables earlier prediction of cut-in situations – even in harsh weather conditions and in situations with poor visibility such as fog and low sun. Emergency stop AEBS operates together with the vehicle’s braking and stability control systems. Via audible and visual alerts and a firm haptic brake pulse the system prompts the driver to react to an imminent potential collision. If the driver fails to react the truck automatically initiates emergency braking to avoid or mitigate the impact of a rear-end collision. Up to 80 kilometres per hour AEBS-3 can provide up to full autonomous emergency braking to assist with collision avoidance of both stationary and moving vehicles from a speed of up to 80 kmh. As a result DAF’s new AEBS-3 automatically reduces the speed of impact as much as possible with a moving or a stationary object ahead of the vehicle if a driver is inattentive to dangerous situations. AEBS-3 is standard on all DAF LF CF and XF trucks. The introduction of the sophisticated AEBS-3 technology illustrates once again DAF Trucks is delivering Pure Excellence also in safety.

The Volvo FMX celebrates 10 years of driving in harsh conditions

The Volvo FMX celebrates 10 years of driving in harsh conditions

FMX one of the toughest construction trucks on the market. In 2010 Volvo Trucks introduced the Volvo FMX – a truck specifically developed for the demanding construction industry. Its ability to cope with tough conditions has evolved over the years as a result of the introduction of many innovative features. After a decade in the mud it has a solid reputation as one of the toughest construction trucks on the market. Before the launch of the Volvo FMX different variants of the Volvo FM and Volvo FH were used in the construction industry. In 2010 many years of feedback from customers led to the successful launch of a Volvo truck developed specifically for construction work. “The Volvo FMX was a game changer and it soon became very popular among both haulage operators and drivers” says Eric Parry Product Manager at Volvo Trucks Southern Africa. Designed for rough road conditions The robust modern exterior of the first Volvo FMX which clearly showed the truck’s relationship with Volvo Construction Equipment machines was an attractive feature. The functionality of the Volvo FMX included a strong towing eye headlamp protection new anti-slip steps and a handy ladder. With a three-piece steel bumper corners made from 3-mm-thick steel a solid crankcase protection plate and a protective bullbar this was a sturdy construction truck. The tough got tougher after only three years Only three years after the introduction of the Volvo FMX Volvo Trucks released a new version. The cab was modified and all the components in the front structure were redesigned. New air suspension gave an increased ground clearance of 300 mm. The towing eye could now tow up to 32 tons. “We were encouraged by the immediate success of the Volvo FMX so we launched a new version as early as 2013. It was an even more robust solution for challenging construction environments” adds Parry. Volvo Dynamic Steering – effortless and precise driving In that same year Volvo Dynamic Steering was introduced in various markets around the world unfortunately this has not been available in Southern Africa as of yet. This feature another patented technical innovation made it possible to drive a truck with minimal effort. Volvo Dynamic Steering combines conventional hydraulic power steering with an electronically regulated electric motor fitted to the steering gear. “The steering system is perfect for a construction truck. At low speeds it makes steering effortless and precise and removes the strain on the driver’s arms and shoulders. This means improved safety and a reduced risk of occupational injury” says Parry. I-Shift gearbox for heavy loads The construction version of the leading Volvo I-Shift gearbox allows the Volvo FMX to handle tough and hilly terrain with high levels of productivity and driver comfort. In 2016 Volvo Trucks introduced I-Shift with crawler gears which enables the truck to pull away from a standstill with loads of up to 325 tonnes. It also allows truck operators to drive at speeds as low as 0.5 km per hour – a huge help during precision manoeuvring. The innovative features of the Volvo FMX have been presented in many YouTube videos: Look Who's Driving Four-year-old Sophie remotely controls the Volvo FMX thanks to Volvo Dynamic Steering. The Hook Volvo Trucks' former CEO Claes Nilsson illustrates the power of the towing eye of the Volvo FMX. The Technician This video demonstrates the ground clearance of the Volvo FMX. The Hamster A hamster controls a Volvo FMX thanks to Volvo Dynamic Steering. The Epic Split Volvo Dynamic Steering became well-known throughout the world following the stunt by Jean-Claude Van Damme who performs an epic split between two reversing Volvo FM trucks. The video which has almost one hundred million views on YouTube is regarded by many as one of the best commercials ever made.

Efficiency confirmed in TÜV test: New MAN Truck Generation saves up to 8.2 % fuel

Efficiency confirmed in TÜV test: New MAN Truck Generation saves up to 8.2 % fuel

New MAN Truck Generation again up to . % more fuel-efficient than previous series. In February MAN presented its new truck generation to public. In addition to the unique focus on the driver with a new operating concept fuel efficiency was a top priority in their development. New concepts in the drivetrain aerodynamics and the MAN EfficientCruise efficiency assistant make the new MAN Truck Generation even more economical by up to 8.2 % than the previous generation of vehicles. TÜV Süd has now confirmed this savings potential in a test. TÜV test confirms fuel savings of up to 8.2 % for the new MAN Truck Generation New MAN Truck generation even more fuel-efficient than previous series Innovations in driveline aerodynamics and MAN EfficientCruise make the new truck generation particularly economical After a total of 684 kilometres the result was clear: the new MAN TGX 18.470 Euro 6d required an average of 8.2 % less fuel on the 342 km of motorway and country road test distance driven twice in succession compared with the MAN TGX 18.460 the previous version with Euro-6c-engine-generation. To actually compare the pure vehicle performance the test vehicles exchanged trailer and driver between the two tours. The profile of the normal motorway course matched 90 % of the distances travelled in European long-distance traffic. The concrete savings achieved in the TÜV test thus confirm the savings potential of the new truck generation as forecast by MAN. "Low overall vehicle costs are decisive for the success of our customers. We have consistently developed the new MAN Truck Generation with a view to maximum efficiency and economy - and we have fully achieved our goals! We are very pleased that this was also confirmed in a test conducted by an independent testing organization. A big thank you to our entire team - great achievement" said Dr. Frederik Zohm Executive Board member for Research and Development at MAN Truck & Bus commenting on the TÜV result. And Göran Nyberg Board Member for Sales and Marketing adds: "With the new truck generation we are fulfilling our brand promise of 'Simplifying Business' in the best possible way. We focus on the driver as well as the fleet operator both of whom benefit from the many innovations. Drive train with new efficiency-optimized axle drive The basis for the further improvement in efficiency compared with the previous generation is the numerous technical innovations and concept improvements with which the new MAN Truck Generation is being introduced. In terms of the driveline this includes not only the particularly economical Euro- 6d-engine-generation but also the new efficiency-optimised hypoid axle drive with a particularly long axle ratio of 2.31. Especially for use in fuel-sensitive long-haul transport together with the MAN TipMatic transmission it ideally complements the D26 Euro 6d engine with its single-stage turbocharging reduced exhaust gas recirculation and increased thermodynamic efficiency for greater efficiency even at higher engine speeds to create a particularly fuel-efficient driveline. "Dynamic sailing" with the new MAN EfficientCruise With the ideally matched drive configuration the GPS cruise control MAN EfficientCruise also unfolds its full potential offering even more extensive functions with the new MAN Truck Generation. This includes "dynamic sailing" which keeps the engine in the fuel-efficient load range in flat terrain by constantly alternating between accelerating and rolling the vehicle thus saving fuel. MAN has also optimised the ACC distance control system to make the best possible use of rolling phases. For example the system keeps a greater distance from the vehicle in front before a hilltop so that it can roll unhindered for as long as possible on the subsequent gradient. The new MAN EfficientCruise also takes greater account than before of route-related traffic infrastructure such as roundabouts and fixed speed limits in order to reduce power output early on and thus make driving even more efficient. Aerodynamics - new design for better efficiency In addition to the drivetrain and MAN EfficientCruise aerodynamics play an important role in reducing fuel consumption in the new MAN Truck Generation. For example slimmer exterior mirrors ensure a reduced frontal area and air deflectors on the front flap improve air flow to the radiator and engine compartment. The extension of these wind deflectors over the doors calm the lateral flow and at the same time reduce the pollution in this area. The so-called air curtain at the corners of the bumper optimises the flow around and through the entrance area. New roof spoilers and sideflaps ideally complete the conduction of the air flow from truck to trailer. MAN DigitalServices help drivers and companies save money The TÜV has confirmed that the new MAN Truck Generation can save up to 8.2 % in day-to-day transport if the driver knows how the innovative technologies work and knows how to use them. MAN offers helpful digital services for this purpose. Every vehicle is equipped as standard with MAN Essentials which provides the essential vehicle information and enables basic evaluation of driving data. Building on this the optional MAN Perform offers a meaningful efficiency analysis which in turn lays the foundation for the MAN Connected CoDriver a personal remote coaching for the driver - directly "on the job" at his workplace. This means that the full savings potential of the new MAN Truck Generation can be quickly and easily used by drivers and entrepreneurs.

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Buy Box Body Trucks for Your Businesses

Box Body trucks play an essential role in most industries as they are useful in transporting goods and items from the manufacturing or production facilities to other locations efficiently. These type of trucks derive their name from the boxed shape comprised of a cabin and a covered area to store the cargo. Typically, the cabin is separate from the cargo area. However, there are different models of these trucks that come with a door separating the cabin from the cargo component. 

These trucks are used by businesses that are involved in transporting merchandise and equipment to their customers across different locations. Since these Box Body trucks come in various sizes; they can be used for different purposes as well. Along with delivering products safely to clients at varied places, they are also helpful in bringing different equipment to job sites and transporting the inventory from warehouses to retail stores.

Types of Box Body Trucks

The choice of box body trucks depends on the transportation need of a user or a cargo service provider. The important things to consider while buying a used box body truck or a new box body truck includes (i) Box length (ii) Duty class (iii) Door type (iv) Rear axle and (v) load-bearing capacity. 

Below are the major types of Box Body Trucks

  • Cube van
  • Dry van
  • Medium-duty truck 
  • Straight truck
  • Cube truck
  • Dry freight 
  • Rolling toaster 

Features of Box Body Trucks

  • It helps in moving goods safely
  • It features a 4 sided covered storage component
  • It features a high load capacity
  • Multiple options of Box Body Trucks to buy
  • It is a cost-effective solution for transporting cargo
  • It is an efficient transportation solution

What Type of Cargo a Box Body Truck is More Suitable for?

  • Home appliances
  • Garments
  • Household goods
  • Packages
  • Perishable items

Why Choose Box Body Trucks for Cargo?

  • They are safe storage Containers: One of the most important benefits of choosing Box Body Trucks are that they offer a secure and safe place to store different types of tools, equipment, products, machinery, and other goods. 
  • Lessens theft incidents: When the merchandise and tools are stored in a box body truck, the chances of getting them stolen is cut in half and in some cases reduced to zero. 
  • Minimizes damages in transit: Precious goods, heavy equipment, construction machinery, materials, and tools will are more likely to not get damaged while in transit due to the challenging weather like wind and rain. 
  • Trusted cargo solution: The box body trucks come with many safety features that make transporting goods from one place to another easier and safer.  Also, due to their ideal size and fuel consumption, these types of trucks are considered as the most preferred solution for driving in tight areas and congested traffic.

Advantages of Buying Used Box Body Trucks

  • Avoid heavy investment - Purchasing new box body trucks can become an expensive proposition for a businesses as it requires a lot of capital. It sometimes becomes a challenge for small to medium size businesses to manage the funding. Buying new trucks might reduce your cash liquidity which you might be planning to invest somewhere else. 
  • Cost-effective solution - Choosing to buy a used box body truck is a cost-effective solution for a business. Businesses can buy a second-hand machine and equipment needed in their business along with used trucks for cargo movement.  A used box body truck from a popular brand can be bought at a low cost starting from of 8000 USD.
  • Used Box Body Trucks in good condition - At Plant & Equipment, a buyer can find multiple buying options to choose from. Before concluding the purchase, a customer can evaluate the present condition of shortlisted used box body trucks. It can also help in getting the right cargo vehicle in good condition not requiring any instant maintenance cost. 
  • Great deals on used Box Body Trucks – We offer a dedicated online marketplace to sellers and buyers looking to sell and buy a range of construction equipment, trucks, machinery, and others.   

You can make your selection from international truck manufactures namely Mercedes-Benz, Isuzu, MAN, Volvo, Scania, UD Trucks, and more. Explore to buy a used box body truck today.