A Brief on Heavy Equipment Demand in Oman

Posted on 15 December 19


Oman which is officially known as the Sultanate of Oman is an Arab country located on the South Eastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula in Western Asia. The country not only has successfully emerged after the global economic downturn but also secured a top position among the developed nations in the United Nations Development Programme’s listing of the world’s most developed nations.

Oman is growing rapidly in all aspects including politically, economically, and socially as well. Today many international businesses are investing in the country by starting various projects including real estate, construction, etc. along with major airport and seaport developments which will further drive the market growth to a significant level.

Ambitious mixed-used tourism and residential developments along with heavy investments in different industries will also generate a higher demand for heavy equipment in Oman to do the construction work in an easier and more productive way. The majority of the world’s leading companies and brands have a stronger presence in the Sultanate of Oman in the form of owning the industry independently or through a joint venture with a regional company in Oman.

All these kinds of partnerships to construct different industries in the region enhances the demand for heavy equipment including truck, machine, crane, forklift, vehicle, and dump truck to name a few. Also, the country is the second-largest driver of non-hydrocarbons and this sector employs the maximum number of people by getting them involved in the construction work that needs earthmoving equipment to do the task easily and efficiently.

The expected fast pace growth of work in the construction and infrastructure sector in the different region would significantly boost the construction equipment market in the Middle East region. Today there are many large corporations engaged in the manufacturing and sales of varied range of heavy machinery. Buyers can also avail heavy equipment loan on easy terms to increase business.

To cater to the growing demand for heavy equipment that is needed in different construction works, lot of companies in Oman provide advanced and hi-tech equipment to various companies that are established in the region. The companies are specialised in providing quality mobile cranes, motor graders, trucks, cranes, machinery, front end loader, etc. in Oman and in the neighbouring GCC States. Industries can easily get these heavy equipments as per their business needs and also get them customized to serve the varied business purposes. The heavy machinery used manufacturers adhere to the quality policies while manufacturing different kinds of equipment to ensure durability.

How using the right kind of heavy equipment can help industries to grow
Today moving hand in hand with technology is the need of the hour and to stay ahead in the competition you need to prove your products better than your competitors.

Construction Equipment plays an important role in doing the construction work in the right way and the companies who use the latest and advanced equipment in day-to-day operations can easily sustain in the highly competitive business world. There is no doubt in the fact that the use of heavy equipment can help you to stay ahead of your competitors in Oman.

Advantages of Buying Heavy Equipment
Below are the key benefits of buying heavy equipment in Oman:

  • Using heavy equipment helps in the timely completion of different projects, the construction projects can be completed without any kind of delay using equipment. Work in the construction field can get much smoother and time-saving by using these devices and equipment that are designed using cutting-edge technologies. 
  • By completing the projects on a timely basis, businesses can enhance their branding which in turn increases their market value as well. 
  • By completing the projects on time using these hi-tech machines that can help in getting new clientele. Even the quality of work can be improved greatly by using these latest technological devices as it allows contractors to complete work with minimal quality defects.
  • Increased productivity and the dependency on heavy construction equipment will result in higher profitability and will avoid delay in penalties as well. The industries can use embedded machines that come with advanced technology that can help in doing all kinds of works smoothly and in a less timely way.
  • Also, equipment are useful in preserving the environment as they are eco-friendly products and helps in reducing the CO2 level to a much greater extent. The companies can be a part of technology and can use the same technology to preserve the environment along with using it for various industrial purposes as well. 

Oman buyers demand for heavy machinery and commercial vehicles 
According to PlantAndEquipment.com insight data analysis, the top five most demand machines from Omani buyers are searching for excavators, wheel loaders, trucks, lifts, and cranes. Thus, segments from the construction, logistics and transportation, and material handling are showing large interest through Oman. Between January and November 2019, excavators had the most enquiries on PlantAndEquipment.com while the second most enquired equipment were wheel loaders followed by trucks.

Heavy equipment is a must for the construction industry. No matter how big or small your business is you can totally rely upon heavy machines in doing the construction/industrial work with ease. With this innovative, caring, and efficient approach, companies manufacturing heavy equipment for the Omani market can help their clients in staying ahead of the competition.

Thus, the demand of heavy equipment in Oman is constantly increasing. More companies in the construction sector are investing owing to the endless scope of business growth in the country resulting in the increased sales and demand of heavy equipment on a everyday basis.


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